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Dark Moss Waterfall

The weather in Denver is beautiful today, so I took the kids over to a park in the Tech Center and we went for a walk.  On the way back, there is a water drainage staircase that is covered in slimy moss.  I climbed out onto the rocks to center myself with the drain and […]

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Business Cards Have Arrived!

My first set of business cards have arrived!  I decided that I should have something to hand out to people when talking about my photography or even to leave at galleries, so I headed over to Moo and ordered some!  I went though 2 rounds with the folks at Moo, but I’d like to let […]

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So one of our laptops died so my wife took over my old MacBook and now the kids don’t have a computer any more.  So I’ve decided I’m going to blow away my old PC that is just collecting dust in my office and let them use it.  Rather than just to the default Windows […]

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I found some time to work on the Tumblr Calendar project and I’ve made some good headway.  I started thinking about if php was really a good idea for this and ended up deciding against it because I didn’t think it would be very easy to integrate with tumblr.  So I decided to rewrite it […]

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Mt. Evans Sunrise

This morning I decided to rise before the sun and try to get a shot of Mt. Evans.  We have had some beautiful sunrises recently with a lot of purple against the snowy mountain backdrop and I wanted to try to capture a shot of one while sunrise was still at a reasonable hour.  I […]

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Epcot Center

We are thinking about taking a trip to Disney Land so as I was looking though some photos for the website, I came across this one and it stood out to me.  We took a trip to Disney World back in 2009 and hit up most of the parks.  I always find myself really enjoying […]

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So I’ve made decent progress tonight!  It’s not real pretty (and neither is the code…), but it is working!  Here is what this does: It goes to your tumblr blog and gets 31 posts right now (I still have to work around the innability to search by date) It looks to see if the post […]

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Since I’ve been using tumblr quite a bit for my 365 Photo Project, I’ve decided to try and do a little development along side it.  And in Mark Zuckerberg fashion, I thought I’d blog about it along the way.  😉  I like how gives you a calendar view of your photos you have taken, […]

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Crash Landing

On our way to go shoot the Millennium Bridge, we came across this car planted head first into the ground.  And since we had our cameras in hand, how could be pass up the opportunity?  I’m not sure of the story behind the car, but it sure made for a cool picture and I always […]

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I’ve seen many people do it over the years, take and share a single photo each day of the year, but I’ve never really wanted to try it much.  We’ll this year, I’m going to give it a go! To support my experiment, I’ve started a separate blog on tumblr at I’ve done this […]