Tumblr Calendar
13 years, 5 months ago Posted in: Development 0

Since I’ve been using tumblr quite a bit for my 365 Photo Project, I’ve decided to try and do a little development along side it.  And in Mark Zuckerberg fashion, I thought I’d blog about it along the way.  😉  I like how gives you a calendar view of your photos you have taken, so I started looking around for a tumblr calendar.  So far, I can’t find one.  So I’ve decided I’m going to try to make my own using the tumblr API.  At first glance, it seemed like it was going to be easy, but like it always turns out, nothing’s ever easy.  The Tumblr API doesn’t allow you to search by date.  Why would you not let people search by date?  Seems like something people would want to do with a blogging platform…

So, we’ll see where I get.  Right now, I’m writing it in PHP for the fun of learning more about it.  Hopefully I’ll have something to show for it all soon.  If you know of a tumblr calendar that will put your photo posts on a calendar, let me know!