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Hi everyone, I need your help!  I have just entered 3 of my photos into a contest to have one of them appear in a national TV commercial.  The contest is with the company I use to fulfill all my photo orders though, Fine Art America.  In order to get my photos into the jury […]

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Business Cards Have Arrived!

My first set of business cards have arrived!  I decided that I should have something to hand out to people when talking about my photography or even to leave at galleries, so I headed over to Moo and ordered some!  I went though 2 rounds with the folks at Moo, but I’d like to let […]

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I’ve seen many people do it over the years, take and share a single photo each day of the year, but I’ve never really wanted to try it much.  We’ll this year, I’m going to give it a go! To support my experiment, I’ve started a separate blog on tumblr at I’ve done this […]

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It just came to my attention while looking through my analytics that all of the links from the row of 5 flickr thumbnails in some of the posts are broken.  I apologize for putting those there just to tease you all!  They really were supposed to send you to my flickr photostream when you clicked […]

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I’ve decided that since I’m starting to have quite a few photos all gathering under one single gallery that I would make some new sub galleries.  Now, if you hover over the Gallery menu, you will see multiple galleries for different categories of my photography.  You can always click on the Gallery menu to see […]

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Love my photos?  Now you can put them on your wall!  Click on the new Shop menu item above and you’ll be taken to my new online store.  There you can select a photo, choose a frame, canvas, or even cards and have it shipped straight to your home.  If you’ve seen a photo on […]