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Banyan Tree

After hiking up to Manoa Falls, I continued on to the Aihualama Trail. Along the way, you come across this impressive Banyan Tree towering above the forest below.  They are such interesting trees that expose their roots, but join together to create one massive tree.  This was one of my favorite photos I took while […]

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Miners in the Fall

An old miner town rests in this golden mountain area.  We were luckily enough to have some low hanging clouds and sun at the same time helping the aspens pop around this interesting abandoned mine.

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I recently took a vacation with my Dad and Brother and we went on a photographic hiking trip up near Yampa, CO.  I published a story about it on Storehouse and you should totally check it out!

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Cascades Frozen in Time

Around the mid point of the hike up to Hanging Lake, you cross a bridge over the stream to continue on your way up to the falls.  If you look up the stream however, you see some cascading falls flowing through the lush green trees of the Colorado spring time.  I jumped down from the […]

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Lush Green Falls

As we walked back down from the top of Hanging Lake, I stopped to shoot a few photos of the lower falls found all along the trail.  The stream runs right next to the path and you cross over it many times on your way up so you have multiple opportunities to find beautiful scenes […]

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Hanging Lake

An afternoon hike on our way to Glenwood Springs for the weekend took us up to Hanging Lake.  We reached the lake around 2 and the clouds just came over the sun so I was able to slow down the shutter a bit to get some nice smooth water over the falls.  It’s such a […]

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Blood Moon Eclipse April 2014

This was a multi exposure time-lapse taken over about an hour and a half of the April 15 2014 total eclipse of the moon.  The photos were taken every second.  It was a cold night, so I went through two batteries while shooting. But I think it was worth it in the end!

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Yaks in the Mountains

While driving along Highway 9 in Summit County, we saw these giant furry beasts off the side of the road. Turns out, they are Yaks or at least Yak/Cow hybrids. This big guy here looked to be in charge, so I spent some time waiting for him to wonder around the field until he looked […]

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Fall in Summit County

This past fall, we took a short trip to escape the city and find some fall color. We stopped off for the night in Keystone and then headed north on Highway 9 towards Kremmling. Along the way, we found this beautiful scene of a quaint little cabin surrounded by aspens of all different colors. The […]

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Out with the Old

We have a tradition of going for a walk or hike on New Years Day here in the Serff Family. This year though, because of the beautiful weather on New Years Eve, we decided to head out a day early as it is supposed to snow on New Years this year. We went for a […]