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Recently, I’ve been able to do some iOS development and I’m learning tons of new stuff every day.  I had a need to create a registration form in an iOS application and started looking around for a good framework for building forms. IBAForms looks to be one of the most robust frameworks for creating forms, so I […]

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I finally got time to work on my little pet project that I’ve been teasing you all with and I’m happy to announce, that I have released it!  I’ve decided to release it under my software company, sunkencity software, so for more info, I invite you to go check out the announcement over there.  You […]

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I haven’t had a lot of time to work on my Tumblr Calendar since the last time I posted about it, but I’ve seen quite a bit of traffic going to the posts.  So while there hasn’t been a ton of vocal people showing their support, I take the number of google searches leading you […]

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I found some time to work on the Tumblr Calendar project and I’ve made some good headway.  I started thinking about if php was really a good idea for this and ended up deciding against it because I didn’t think it would be very easy to integrate with tumblr.  So I decided to rewrite it […]

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So I’ve made decent progress tonight!  It’s not real pretty (and neither is the code…), but it is working!  Here is what this does: It goes to your tumblr blog and gets 31 posts right now (I still have to work around the innability to search by date) It looks to see if the post […]

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Since I’ve been using tumblr quite a bit for my 365 Photo Project, I’ve decided to try and do a little development along side it.  And in Mark Zuckerberg fashion, I thought I’d blog about it along the way.  😉  I like how gives you a calendar view of your photos you have taken, […]

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I’m a Software Engineer by day, and often by night as well, so I thought I should have a dedicated Development section on my web site. Here you’ll find links to my software projects, other projects I find useful and just random development related information. If you are interested in hearing about something, let me […]