Tumblr Calendar Update 2
13 years, 5 months ago Posted in: Development 5

I found some time to work on the Tumblr Calendar project and I’ve made some good headway.  I started thinking about if php was really a good idea for this and ended up deciding against it because I didn’t think it would be very easy to integrate with tumblr.  So I decided to rewrite it in javascript.  Writing it in javascript has the advantage that you can add a page to your tumblr account and embed the script right there (no external host required)!  So I’ve made it to the point where I can actually do that!  You can see it in action on my tumblr page.  Go to the main page, and you’ll see the Calendar page on the right.  Click it and you’ll see my photos on a calendar!  Alternatively, you can just click here to see it.  So far, the dates are still hardcoded and so is my url.  So next I’ll start trying to make it usable by others.

One other update, I emailed the tumblr developers and asked if they could add the ability to search posts by date.  They responded today and said “This a great suggestion and I will put it on our roadmap.”  That is great news and it will make this script a LOT faster and more robust.  I don’t know when they’ll add it, but hopefully soon.  I may wait to release any of this until they add that to their API.  We’ll see how long they take…

Let me know if you are interested in this at all.  I’m having fun doing it and it’s giving me the functionality that I want which counts most, but if others want to use it too, I’d love to hear from you!