During the day, and often at night, I’m a software developer. I graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a BS in Computer Science and have since been working in the field ever since. I’m lucky to be able to say I love my job and enjoy what I do everyday.

sunkencity software

sunkencityI find software development so enjoyable in fact, I often find myself making my own creations at home. Because of this, I created my own Software Development company: sunkencity software. Sunkencity software released it’s first product back in in 2005. As my passion for photography grew, the flickr photo sharing site was released into the wild. I became a big believer of flickr early on and saw a hole with flickr that needed to be filled: There was no way to pull your photos back down from flickr once you got them all there. So I created FlickrBackup, a Java Swing GUI that allows you download your photos back from flickr. Early on, I decided to develop FlickrBackup as an Open Source product. I use many open source products in my daily life and wanted to give back to that community. Turns out, having open source projects pays off! A few years after FlickrBackup was released, another developer decided to help out and together we released a major update to FlickrBackup and renamed it FlickrEdit.

I hope to release more products under the sunkencity cover.

Web Design

I grew up in a house full of Graphic Designers, so it’s no wonder that I also enjoy creating visually appealing designs and expressing those through web sites.  My web design started back in high school when I made Overland High Schools first web page ever which I had a lot of fun making.  The internet, graphic design, and web technology has dramatically changed since then and I like to think so have my abilities as a web designer.  My most recent projects include:

  • – My software company, designed back in about 2007
  • – A complete redesign and refocusing of my Dad’s website.  As his life has changed with retirement, his focus has moved from Graphic Design to Watercolors and Photography and his website now represents this focus.
  • – Your looking at my latest creation, a complete redesign of my own image and presence on the internet.