Tumblr Calendar Update 3
13 years ago Posted in: Development 14

I haven’t had a lot of time to work on my Tumblr Calendar since the last time I posted about it, but I’ve seen quite a bit of traffic going to the posts.  So while there hasn’t been a ton of vocal people showing their support, I take the number of google searches leading you to my blog an indication of support.  I was trying to work on it tonight, then tumblr went down, so I decided to give you an update instead.

Unfortunately, Tumblr hasn’t been very supportive and hasn’t lived up to their promise to add support to query by date in their API.  So even though they haven’t added that, I’ve decided I’m going to attempt to at least hack this thing together so it will pull the current years worth of posts.  Then maybe I’ll put it up on github and the rest of you can have at it!  I’ll get another update out when I have something more concret to show/tell.  In the mean time, hang in there and let me know if you really are interested!