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Balloon Glow Ignition

Last year was supposed to be the last year of the Colorado Balloon Classic in Colorado Springs, and we were sad to see it go, but to our surprise, it has been revived under a new name: The Colorado Spring Labor Day Lift Off. We were able to attend the Balloon Glow on Sunday evening […]

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Glow Against the Sky

Another shot from the Colorado Balloon Classic down in Colorado Springs.  As they start getting their balloons ready, they have to fluff them up before they start pumping it full of hot air.  So they use fans to fill the balloon with air.  This combined with the early morning sun behind the balloon can make […]

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Floating Away

Over Labor Day Weekend, we decided to head down to Colorado Springs for the Colorado Balloon Classic which is held there each year.  I went for the early morning launch on Saturday to enjoy both the sunrise and also watch the balloonist prepare their balloons for launch.  We also met up with an old friend […]

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Blue Glow

We were lucky enough to be able to catch the Flight of the Conchords concert up at Red Rocks Amphitheater back in May of 2009 and it was an awesome concert.  If you have never experienced a concert up at Red Rocks, you must go.  It is one of the best venues in the world.  […]