Floating Away
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Floating Away
Over Labor Day, we went to the Colorado Balloon Classic in Colorado Springs

Over Labor Day Weekend, we decided to head down to Colorado Springs for the Colorado Balloon Classic which is held there each year.  I went for the early morning launch on Saturday to enjoy both the sunrise and also watch the balloonist prepare their balloons for launch.  We also met up with an old friend from SDesigns Photography (who took my portrait on the about page!) and got to catch up on life.  One thing I found really cool about this Balloon festival was that you are allowed to get right up next to the baskets.  It seems crazy that they let you get in the way of these giant machines as they take off, but it makes for good photos!!  This was one of those shots from right under a balloon as it lifted off into the great blue Colorado sky.

If you’d like to see more photos from the Colorado Balloon Classic, please check them out in my Flickr Photostream.