Using IBAForms and iOS Storyboards Together
11 years, 6 months ago Posted in: Development 0

Recently, I’ve been able to do some iOS development and I’m learning tons of new stuff every day.  I had a need to create a registration form in an iOS application and started looking around for a good framework for building forms. IBAForms looks to be one of the most robust frameworks for creating forms, so I started down that road. I’m pretty new to iOS and Objective-C, and have mostly been dealing with Storyboards so far within XCode. So when I first started looking at IBAForms, it was quite confusing trying to wrap my head around how to mix Storyboards and programatically building a View and the form. That on top of the “my-code-is-my-documentation” mentality of IBAForms made it somewhat difficult to figure out. So I took the afternoon to figure it out and while I was at it, decided to document things along the way. I have posted all the details on github, so check it out and I hope it helps someone out!