Out with the Old
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Out with the Old
Wishing you a Happy New Year!

We have a tradition of going for a walk or hike on New Years Day here in the Serff Family. This year though, because of the beautiful weather on New Years Eve, we decided to head out a day early as it is supposed to snow on New Years this year. We went for a nice walk at the Parker Jordan Centennial Open Space just near Broncos Parkway Trail. The city has used a good amount of of the Colorado Lottery dollars to improve this park and it really shows. With beautiful paths, colored cement inlays, ampitheaters, and even reflexology paths. In the summer you could even play in the water!

As we walked around the park, we found this scene with a old dying cottonwood tree across the field. As it’s New Years, we think about the last year and about new beginnings for the coming year. Soon this area will be filled with new life and we can remember the things we have to look forward to in the coming year.

I hope this year I’m able to get out and take more photos to share with you all. I also hope you all have a wonderful New Year as well!

Happy New Year!