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Purple Heart

This flower was quite a rare find.  I was walking through the meadow, looked down, and there was this lone flower sitting there.  Now normally, this flower isn’t anything too interesting because there are a hundred more right around you, but this one was shaped like a heart!  I’ve never seen a flower like that […]

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Colorado Summer Meadow

The typical shot that shows off Colorado’s beauty.  A meadow, filled with wild flowers and rocks and mountains in the background.  It was so beautiful up at Buttler Gultch, and this just show a glimpse of that.

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Fall at Brainard Lake

To finish our trip to see the fall colors, we headed out of Ward and went up into Brainard Lake for a quick look.  The road up to the lake was beautiful with bright yellow aspens on either side of the road backlit and glowing with the sun shining down.  Up at the lake, there […]

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Peeking Through The Trees

While we were in Golden Gate State Park, we decided to take a look at the group campground they have there.  We took a short hike up some rocks and got a great view around the area.  Just across the way, this group of aspens was peeking though the trees. Golden Gate is a bit […]

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It was just announced that Steve Jobs, cofounder and long time CEO at Apple, has passed away. My heart is saddened for the loss of a man who has brought so much joy in the life of my family. My entire family have been Apple customers since the beginning and Steve’s influence helped keep us […]

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The Different Colors Of Fall

This was one of my favorite shots of our trip out on Thursday to take in the beautiful Colorado fall colors.  The vast array of colors shown in this shot are what makes it so great for me.  I was lucky to get this shot.  The sun was just about to duck behind the mountain […]

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Fall in Colorado

Ever wonder what the autumn is like in Colorado?  This should give you glimpse of why I love Colorado.  On our drive up the Peak to Peak highway, we ran across this mountain side that exploded with color.  It was so wonderful everyone just has to stop by the side of the road and take […]

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River of Color

The aspens have exploded in color here in Colorado.  We decided to take a day off on Thursday (9/28/11 for reference) and headed out from Denver up though Golden Gate State Park and then headed north from on the Peak to Peak Highway (119) to Ward.  The colors are incredible all the way, but one […]

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Facebook just launched another update to their site and added some new features and changes to what we all get to see when we log in.  For the most part, I think the changes are pretty good.  I get a little annoyed by hearing people complain about the changes by just saying “CHANGE IT BACK […]

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Cat Door

This is another shot that I took while we were looking for some great graffiti in Downtown Denver.  This garage can been seen from Lincoln St right next to the other grafiti photo I have posted titled Sleepy Graffiti. This giant cat is a wonderful painting.  I couldn’t decide how to shoot it though.  Straight […]