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Hi everyone, I need your help!  I have just entered 3 of my photos into a contest to have one of them appear in a national TV commercial.  The contest is with the company I use to fulfill all my photo orders though, Fine Art America.  In order to get my photos into the jury […]

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Mount Saint Francis and the Super Moon

This year, May 5th turned out to be the day the Moon would make it closest pass to the Earth to give us another Super Moon, so we decided to find somewhere nice to view the moon this year.  The clouds kept threatining to cover the show, but we were luckly enough to have a […]

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Firey Sunset

There is a fire up in Reynolds Park that blanketed the front range in smoke this evening (3/26/12) and driving home, the sunset was one of the most amazing sights to see.  The sun was bright red and everything else is covered in smoke.  As I stood there and watched, the sun dipped behind the […]

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Waiting for Spring

Another in my Weathered Trees Series, this one is from Roxborough State Park.  I decided to go for the B&W on this one and I think it turned out great even though one of the big draws to Roxborough is the red rocks and blue sky.  The contrast and sky this day turned out o […]

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Roxborough Meadow in Late Winter

It’s not quite spring yet but it sure feels like it!  We went for a walk over at one of my favorite places, Roxborough State Park to soak up the sun and enjoy the views.  There was still quite a bit of snow on the trails, so they were a little muddy, but it was […]

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Westlands Arch

It was a typical Colorado winter day. It was just about 55° and sunny so what better way to spend the day than by going to the park? We love to go to Westland Park over in Greenwood Village. They have lots of equipment, swings and a climbing wall too. The kids love running all […]

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A Couple of Woodnymphs

Wondering though a forest headed toward Takakkaw Falls in Yoho National Park, Canada, we stumbled upon one of my favorite little flowers.  The two little guys are called Woodnymphs.  They are very little flowers and you really have to look for them, so it was nice to see a couple sharing the shade.

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Castlewood Canyon Bridge

Driving south of Franktown, CO, you come across a bridge and then to the Castlewood Canyon State Park entrance.  Many people drive this route and probably never realize how cool the bridge they just drove over really is.  If you head into the park, there is an overlook that looks back to the canyon and […]

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Fall Split

I’ve been planning on making a trip over to Star K Ranch / Morrison Nature Center ever since the trees started changing.  I finally had the chance when my son’s school was going on a field trip there!  Nothing is better than spending time with your son on a beautiful Colorado morning and looking at […]

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The Contrast of Life and Decay

I really love this shot.  I’m not sure what it is I like so much though.  I don’t know if it is strong contrast of the wood  against the green and blast of colorful flowers, or the composition of the shot.  I wish that blurry branch wasn’t there on the left…Oh well, need to learn to take […]