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The Other Side of the Ridge

As we stand on the edge of 2010 and look towards a new year in 2011, I wanted to wish everyone a very Happy New Year!  May the new year bring you blessings of joy and happiness! During our trip to Canada in 2008, we ventured to Jasper National Park to check out the beautiful […]

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Denver Millennium Bridge at Night

We took another walk and shoot in Downtown Denver, this time with the Millennium Bridge set in our sights.  The Denver Millennium Bridge sits at the north end of 16th street right near Union Station.  The bridge has an iconic white spire that towers 200 feet above the Denver skyline.  At night, the bridge is […]

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Merry Christmas from Union Station

We took another Walk-n-shoot in downtown Denver and got some great shots.  Luckily Union Station was light up for the holidays so we were able to take a few shots of it while we were there as well. From our family to yours, we wish you a Merry Christmas!

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Fully Eclipsed Moon

Just as the sun sets on this Christmas Eve, so did the sun set on the moon during the Winter Solstice of 2010 when a lunar eclipse occurred at the same time.  As the Earth moved into the path of the Sun’s rays, it casts it’s shadow on the moon.  Once the moon becomes fully eclipsed, covered […]

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Lunar Eclipse Phases

I thought I’d put together a different view of the Lunar Eclipse so show the transition of the moon as the Earth moves in and blocks the sun casting it’s shadow.  Hope you enjoy!

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Solstice Lunar Eclipse

On the Winter Solstice Dec 20/21st of 2010, there was a Lunar Eclipse that adorned the sky.  Luckily, us here in the Mountain time zone were lucky enough to have the eclipse start at 11:30PM, a more reasonable hour than others around the world.  I got a few shot of the moon during the eclipse […]

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Fall Color Rain

I love the fall in Colorado.  Up on Guanella Pass, the fall colors are all around. But one place you usually don’t look for the colors is on the ground. Along with fall often come rain, knocking the leaves on the ground. These leaves sat on the ground and still had some of that rain […]

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Burnt Hillside

During our trip to Canada in 2008, we took a hike up to Stanley Glacier.  As we climbed up the hill, we walked though a large burn that had taken a large part of the hillside.  The devastation was all around and was sad to see, but it made for an interesting backdrop.  I decided […]

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Graffiti Explosion

I found shooting the Graffiti we stumbled upon during one of our Walk n’ Shoots a little difficult.  It was all really good art and I found myself just wanting to capture the entire piece, but I started finding that a little boring from the photographic perspective so I started looking for the hidden gems […]

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Frosted Fall Colors

The snow decided to take it’s time coming to the Denver area this year and we didn’t see any snow until the middle of November.  The trees still had much of their color and were frosted by the snowfall.  So I decided to grab my camera and head out before work to take a few […]