Mt. Evans Sunrise
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Mt. Evans Sunrise
An early morning sunrise gives Mt. Evans some color

This morning I decided to rise before the sun and try to get a shot of Mt. Evans.  We have had some beautiful sunrises recently with a lot of purple against the snowy mountain backdrop and I wanted to try to capture a shot of one while sunrise was still at a reasonable hour.  I noticed a great vantage point right in my own neighborhood that I’d never really noticed before the other day.  So I set out about 20 min before sunrise, parked the car and set up the tripod.  The weather today in Denver was supposed to be a wonderful 65 degrees, so I had hopes that the weather this morning wasn’t going to be too bad.  Boy was I wrong!  It was freezing this morning!  It was a crisp morning with a breeze which made it worse.  I was very glad to have my hat and gloves with me, although I’m still in desperate need of a better pair of cold weather photography gloves (suggestions anyone?).

In any case, I came away with a few good shots.  The one you see here was about 8 minutes before sunrise. I also put together two panoramas of the front range as well that are below.  I only wish there could have been some clouds in the sky to give some more color and texture.  Clouds make sunrise/sunsets so much more interesting, but unfortunately, I haven’t perfected cloud creation yet.  I’m getting pretty good at cloud bursting though.  😉