Epcot Center
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Epcot Center
A different perspective of the iconic Spaceship Earth at Epcot Center in Florida

We are thinking about taking a trip to Disney Land so as I was looking though some photos for the website, I came across this one and it stood out to me.  We took a trip to Disney World back in 2009 and hit up most of the parks.  I always find myself really enjoying Epcot Center because there is so much variety there.  The iconic 18 story geodesic sphere is the home of Spaceship Earth where you take a trip through time to see how technology has changed.  I had not been on this ride since I was a little kid and it was probably still one of our favorite rides.  They have added a few new things including a really fun video staring you and your family that you get to watch at the end of the ride.  The kids also really enjoyed this ride, so much so that we had to ride it multiple times!  One of the times, we actually got stuck and had to walk back down from almost the top of the sphere.  Quite a different experience!

This photo gives a different perspective of the sphere that I found really interesting.  The different lighting exhibited on each side of the triangles is so interesting.  It really makes me want to go back.  Hopefully we can find things just as interesting in Disney Land!