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Fall in Summit County

This past fall, we took a short trip to escape the city and find some fall color. We stopped off for the night in Keystone and then headed north on Highway 9 towards Kremmling. Along the way, we found this beautiful scene of a quaint little cabin surrounded by aspens of all different colors. The […]

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Out with the Old

We have a tradition of going for a walk or hike on New Years Day here in the Serff Family. This year though, because of the beautiful weather on New Years Eve, we decided to head out a day early as it is supposed to snow on New Years this year. We went for a […]

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Happy Halloween

We had a small dusting of snow, but mostly rain yesterday.  So we have a nice layer of ice and that touch of white we are used to on Halloween here in Colorado.  This little guy was sitting on our deck and was basking in the sun while we ate breakfast, so I had to […]

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I was recently asked to look into doing a realtime photobooth slideshow for an event and I wanted to share the things I have found that I think are going to make this a possibility.  Let me first set the stage by listing a few requirements for our project: We will have a photobooth set […]

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Another White Christmas at Garden of the Gods

It’s become a tradition that we go over to Garden of the Gods during our little trip to Colorado Springs for Christmas.  This year, we got snow on Christmas day and continued to get a little bit more for the next few days.  This meant there must be another frosted paradise amongst the red rocks. […]

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Enchanted Forest

As we wondered back down along the stream, the sun broke through the clouds and started streaming through the trees and we came upon this scene. It really reminded me of a scene from Lord of the Rings or Zelda. I imagine there are some little fairies living in the little grass island and they […]

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Winter is Coming

Looking back towards Kenosha Pass from the road up to the Ben Tyler Trail, we got this view. Beautiful aspens and the mountains in the background getting a snow shower.   It was such a beautiful valley with a mixture of all the fall colors.  Those clouds definately made it difficult to get a good […]

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Fall Coming to an End

The colors here in Colorado are coming to an end.  But even in the dimming of the colors, there are still some beautiful scenes about.  This was another shot from our walk down the Cherry Creek Trail.

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Fall on the Front Range

The fall colors in the mountains are all but gone, so we look to the many places near home on the front range for the last bursts of color.   We went for a walk over at 17 Mile Ranch all along the Cherry Creek Trail where the colors wer still in full effect.  We […]

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Cascades of the Forest

The walk along Ben Tyler Trail follows a stream, so what do we photographers do?  We get out our tripods and shoot some photos!  This shot was a second long exposure giving a nice smooth look in the stream.  It was a perfect day to shoot waterfalls with the sun behind the clouds and even […]