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The Different Colors Of Fall

This was one of my favorite shots of our trip out on Thursday to take in the beautiful Colorado fall colors.  The vast array of colors shown in this shot are what makes it so great for me.  I was lucky to get this shot.  The sun was just about to duck behind the mountain […]

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Fall in Colorado

Ever wonder what the autumn is like in Colorado?  This should give you glimpse of why I love Colorado.  On our drive up the Peak to Peak highway, we ran across this mountain side that exploded with color.  It was so wonderful everyone just has to stop by the side of the road and take […]

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River of Color

The aspens have exploded in color here in Colorado.  We decided to take a day off on Thursday (9/28/11 for reference) and headed out from Denver up though Golden Gate State Park and then headed north from on the Peak to Peak Highway (119) to Ward.  The colors are incredible all the way, but one […]

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Cat Door

This is another shot that I took while we were looking for some great graffiti in Downtown Denver.  This garage can been seen from Lincoln St right next to the other grafiti photo I have posted titled Sleepy Graffiti. This giant cat is a wonderful painting.  I couldn’t decide how to shoot it though.  Straight […]

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Lush View Down the Valley

My Dad, Brother and I took the day off work and headed out up to Butlers Gulch for a nice day hike.  We climbed though the trees and then followed the stream up where the wild flowers were nearly 3 feet tall.  We emerged from the trees and ascended up though a beautiful meadow where we found […]

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Meadows Campground Star Trails

I’ve tried a few time in the past to successfully get a picture that shows spiraling star trails but haven’t had much luck.  Well I think I finally figured it out!  I took a number of star trail photos while we were camping over last weekend, but this one was my favorite.  I really liked the trees […]

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Milky Way in Buffalo Creek

We went camping over this last weekend and I had a chance to try and take some more pictures of the stars.  Luckily the clouds cleared out just in time for the Milky Way to come out and bless us with a beautiful sight.  I attempted to take some shots of the Milky Way when […]

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Mt. St. Helens From the Sky

Flying into Portland, Oregon, you get a great view of a number of volcanos.  Depending on which side of the plane you sit on, you either get to see Mt. Adams and Mt. St Helens or you get to see Mt. Hood.  I think if you squint really hard you can see Mt. McKinley as […]

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America the Beautiful Park

Down in Colorado Springs, America the Beautiful Park is home to a beautiful statue called the Julie Penrose Fountain.  The fountain and the park are a great place to take family on a beautiful day like we had today.   This giant statue sits on a turntable and is constantly rotating around.  It is also backed […]

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Full Moon Hiding

Tonight marked the Super Perigee Moon.  A moon this large hasn’t been seen for almost 20 years.  Unfortunately for us here in Colorado, the winds blew in the clouds and I didn’t get to see the Super Moon.  Lesson learned though, with an event like this, always go no matter what you think the conditions […]