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The Little Red Tree

My Dad and I took a day to go enjoy the fall colors and ended up on the South Ben Tyler Trail near Kenosha Pass here in Colorado.  When we got there, it was overcast and most of the colors were a bit mute.  As luck would have it though, on our way back to […]

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Cold Springs Cave Kiva

Our second hike while in Bluff took us to Cold Springs Cave.  Within the large cave, lies the remains of a large kiva.  This was an easy walk too once you found the right way to go.  Luckily we had our master guide (my Dad) who knew his way around these parts quite well.  In […]

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Packard Emblem

On the hood of a beautiful Packard sits shimmering swan.  This was one of my favorite cars at the Gateway Colorado Auto Museum.  It was a beautiful shade of blue and so many great details.  Packard was an American luxury-type automobile marque built by the Packard Motor Car Company of Detroit, Michigan, and later by […]

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Exiting Monarch Cave

On our way back down from the Monarch Cave Dwelling, the view down the canyon was stunning.  The striped walls and monolithoc rock faces come together for a perfect photo opportunity.  The contrast of the walls made the black and white really stand out.  

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Monarch Cave Dwelling

The first hike we set out for on our trip to Bluff was to Monarch Cave.  Monarch Cave is a beautiful Anasazi (sometimes called Ancient Pueblo or Ancestral Pueblo) cliff dwelling tucked high into an alcove above a shady desert pool of water. Several interesting pictographs and petroglyphs line the nearby cliff walls.  It’s an […]

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Driggs Mansion

Along the Unaweep/Tabeguache Scenic ByWay, you’ll find Driggs Mansion which was built in 1914 by a wealthy New Yorker – some say for his beloved wife, others say he built it as a hunting lodge. The walls were cut from sandstone from the surrounding canyons.

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Graffiti: Colorado Style

We were driving out of Old Colorado City in Colorado Springs and were just about to take a turn at an intersection when I saw this graffiti on the side of West Side Tattoo’s building.  I let out a big WOAH and my wonderful wife said “Do we need to stop?  You better stop.”  She […]

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Mount Saint Francis and the Super Moon

This year, May 5th turned out to be the day the Moon would make it closest pass to the Earth to give us another Super Moon, so we decided to find somewhere nice to view the moon this year.  The clouds kept threatining to cover the show, but we were luckly enough to have a […]

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Firey Sunset

There is a fire up in Reynolds Park that blanketed the front range in smoke this evening (3/26/12) and driving home, the sunset was one of the most amazing sights to see.  The sun was bright red and everything else is covered in smoke.  As I stood there and watched, the sun dipped behind the […]

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Waiting for Spring

Another in my Weathered Trees Series, this one is from Roxborough State Park.  I decided to go for the B&W on this one and I think it turned out great even though one of the big draws to Roxborough is the red rocks and blue sky.  The contrast and sky this day turned out o […]