Amazon Cloud Player Couldn’t Find my iTunes Library…
13 years, 3 months ago Posted in: Blog 2

I was excited when Amazon launched their Cloud based music player/service the other day so I came home, downloaded the Amazon MP3 Uploader app so that I could start packing the cloud with awesome music.  I fired up the Uploader app, it said it was searching for my music and then…..No Music Found.  WHAT?  Come on….So I poked around a bit and came to find out that the Amazon Uploader app will only look for your iTunes library in ~/Music/iTunes.  Well that is lame.  That isn’t where my iTunes library is.  So now what.  I’m on Mac OS X, so first I just tried making a short cut from where my iTunes library is to my Music folder by clicking and dragging while holding option.  Fired it back up and…..nothing again.  So I opened up the Terminal and went and looked at that shortcut.  That shortcut isn’t an actual symbolic link.  Ok…I’ll fix that!  Run this command:

cd ~/Music
ln -s /path/to/your/iTunes iTunes

Then fire back up the MP3 uploader app and voila!  It now can find your music.  I just wanted to share cause I did a quick google and nothing really came up.  So there you all go.  Now upload all your music to amazon before they get shut down.  😉