Web of Love
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Web of Love
A walk across the Brooklyn Bridge can be mesmerizing with the web of cables, hovering above the street below and being surrounded by the huge buildings of Manhattan.

I took my first trip ever to New York back in the fall of 2009 to visit family and to be a tourist and see all the sites I’ve heard so much about.  We visited many places over the course of a week and feet sure hurt especially on this day.  We walked all over, met up with friends, and ended up walking across the Brooklyn Bridge into the city.  Luckily I had my 10-22mm lens with me to capture what I thought looked like a giant spider web.  This couple passed us on the bridge and I saw an opportunity for a great picture and snapped it.  The Brooklyn Bridge’s foot bridge is pretty interesting to walk across as you float above the road way.  And you’ll no doubt see something interesting while you are there.  Near the end of the bridge, we actually saw a guy walking across the bridge balancing a ball on top of his head.  New York is never a dull place that is for sure!

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