Little Wild Horse Canyon
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Little Wild Horse Canyon
One of the many Slot Canyons nestled in the San Rafael Swell area of Utah, Little Wild Horse Canyon is a must see.

Nestled in the San Rafael Swell you’ll find many slot canyons, but one of the easiest to get to is Little Wild Horse Canyon.  Located about an hour and a half from Green River Utah just off of Highway 24, you’ll find the entrance to Goblin Valley State Park and the road to Little Wild Horse Canyon.  See the map below for a little help on getting there.

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Little Wild Horse Canyon can be anywhere from a 45 min hike or, if you are like me and take a lot of pictures, can be a multi-hour adventure.  One thing to keep in mind is that slot canyons can be very dangerous places if the weather turns bad.  It there is any threat of rain, stay away from slot canyons!

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