Geneva Creek Basin
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Geneva Creek Basin
Hidden in the Geneva Creek Basin are the Iron Fens, a colorful formation of rocks full of minerals that make for a beautiful valley.

This shot looking down the Geneva Creek Basin from the Iron Fens which is hidden quite a ways from the normal beaten path, but if you know where to look, you’ll find an easy walk with a wonderful payoff.  Located high in the Geneva Creek Basin, the Geneva Creek Iron Fens are registered as a Colorado State Natural Area. One of eight iron fens in the state, it is an example of  both a rare community type and an unusual geologic process.

A fen is an area of peat-forming wetlands that receives nutrients usually from upslope mineral soils and groundwater movement.  It is typically alkaline due to ground water draining from surrounding calcareous rocks.

You can find more pictures of the Iron Fens in my flickr photostream.